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"I AM"

SSATB A Cappella

Winner of the 2016 ACDA Raymond W. Brock Student Composition Contest and premiered by the Riverside City College Chamber Singers, here is a lush setting of the iconic Mary Elizabeth Frye poem "Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep". Dedicated to American conductor Richard Bjella, this is a college and professional work that is worthy of any fine choir.

I Am.jpg


SATB A Cappella

Taking its text from a poem by the great Chilean poet and diplomat Pablo Neruda, this rich setting for unaccompanied mixed voices is a reflection on love, on devotion to one's native land and ultimately to one's own identity. With strong unisons and striking harmonies, this impressive work will showcase better ensembles from high school and up.

If You Forget Me.jpg


SATB with Piano & Clarinet

This composition, written for a classmate who was killed in a car accident, uses Kipling's text written over the loss of his son in war. Kipling's words reflect on loss yet offer hope. The imagery of the sea and the feeling of searching inform the composition in ways unexplainable and yet obvious, with an opening clarinet statement that is mournful and the ongoing harmonic language from the choir that is unsettled and shifting. This is a powerful concert selection that will require your choir's full range of emotions.

My Boy Jack.jpg


2-Part with Piano 

Christina Rossetti's poetry sings beautifully in this original concert piece for treble choirs. The melody takes a modern approach with open harmonies that build into independence. A supportive piano motive brings another voice into the story that captures the flight of a bird across the sea at summer's end.

FLY FLY FLY Cover.jpeg


SATB A Cappella

Emerging composer Kelsey Hohnstein has produced a warm, deeply expressive setting of the Sara Teasdale poem with well-crafted vocal lines, interesting choral textures and a full dynamic range, making this a superb selection for better mixed choirs at the high school level and up, as well as honor choirs.

I am not  yours.jpg


SATB A Cappella

"Irish Blessing" is Kelsey Hohnstein's gorgeous setting of a treasured and timeless benediction. The simple lines that lead into the richness of eight-part chords keep the piece moving forward with great respect for its text. This is an exceptional work from a young composer of exceptional musical maturity!

Irish Blessing.png


SSA with Piano & opt Violin

Winner of the 2017 O.A.K.E. Ruth Boshkoff Composition prize, Sara Teasdale's text dictates the setting of this lovely dance-like piece in 3/4 with violin obbligato. The melody and harmonic treatment are unique, and the musical texture is interesting and artistic. A charming choice for developing treble choirs!

A Minuet of Mozart's.jpg
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